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Card text This Pokémon is the final stage of evolution for Weedle. Beedrill fly at incredibly high speeds and they attack using the large venomous stingers on their forelegs and tails. The troublesome Beedrill are known for their quick attacks and violent tendencies. They traditionally gather in large swarms. A thorn in the side of all creatures, these mischievous Pokémon attack with fury and speed, usually without a moment's notice. In "Challenge of the Samurai," a Beedrill entourage kidnaps Ash's Metapod and brings it back to their nest of sleeping Kakuna. Ash and company rescue Metapod, who then throws itself in front of Ash, to save him from a deadly Beedrill stinger attack. First appearance: Episode 4—"Challenge of the Samurai"

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CardsThis Topps Trading Cards set has a number of 76 .
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Release 1999
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