Price guide Topps Pokemon Cards

See all Topps Pokemon prices below, as well as the Danone and Burger King cards. If you are looking for the Price Guide of the official Nintendo and Wizards cards, see our TCG Price Guide.

ManufacturerSeriesTypeTotal value%#
Series 1Trading Cards372.32+2,33%76
Series 1Tv Cards51.12-2,68%13
Series 2Trading Cards197.79+3,25%41
Series 2Episodes Cards111.78-2,26%25
Series 2Heroes & Villains Cards24.96-1,54%5
Series 3Trading Cards210.04+1,26%34
Series 3Heroes & Villains Cards46.78-1,70%10
Series 3Orange Islands Cards95.2-2,05%19
Series 2Jumbo Cards89.46+1,29%5
Chrome series 2Trading Cards693.48-1,76%73
Chrome series 1Trading Cards736.61-2,59%78
Johto seriesTrading Cards386.78+1,39%63
Johto League ChampionsTrading Cards215.8+1,60%36
Pokemon AdvancedTrading Cards500.9+0,30%89
Pokemon Advanced ChallengeTrading Cards534.67+0,55%89
Pokemon the first movieTrading Cards268.51-1,72%60
Pokemon the Movie 2000Trading Cards304.56-0,75%71
Johto seriesScreen Snaps160.15-4,72%27
Johto League ChampionsScreen Snaps60.01+0,89%12
Series 2Evolution Cards57.4+1,85%12
Burger King CardsTrading Cards1058.45+0,11%151
Danone Trading CardsTrading Cards435.85-2,58%40
Series 3Die Cut Cards58-1,11%12
Series 2Clear Cards63.28-1,20%10
Series 2Sticker Cards45.96-3,40%10
Series 2Die Cut Cards50.18-4,22%12
Pokemon AdvancedDie Cut Cards270.34-7,66%18
Pokemon AdvancedPop Up Cards148.69-7,89%10
Series 3Hologram Cards88.83-3,06%9
Johto seriesSticker Cards302.32-2,40%62
Johto League ChampionsSticker Cards182.03-3,72%37
Series 3Puzzle Cards22.83-3,91%6
Series 3Pop Up Cards40.54+1,38%10
Pokemon the first movieDie Cut Cards54.89+1,35%12
Pokemon the first movieSticker Cards84.43-1,07%18
Johto seriesDie Cut Cards130.11-4,41%15
Series 1Pop Up Cards46.4-2,64%10
Johto League ChampionsDie Cut Cards113.27-4,18%18
Pokemon Advanced ChallengeDie Cut Cards250.28-6,72%18
Pokemon Advanced ChallengePop Up Cards153.95-5,62%10
Pokemon the Movie 2000Sticker Cards49.48-1,86%10