Search for a card

If you want to search the complete database, you can use the search bar on top of this page or on our homepage. When using this search bar, you can find Pokemon cards manufactured by Wizards of the Coast, Nintendo, Topps, Danone and Burger King. Also, the results will consist of all type of cards, i.e. TCG cards, Sticker cards, Die-cut cards, Pop-up cards, Scene (movie) cards, Puzzle cards and Jumbo cards. The more details you give, the more specific the results will be.

You can search with “Charizard”, “Charizard 4” or “Charizard 4/102” to find results.

Search for a specific set

If you are looking for a specific set and you know to what series that set belongs, you can use the top menu to find the set. For example, if you are looking for cards in the Dragon set, navigate to the serie (EX in this example) and select the Dragon set. On the Dragons set page, you can you the specific search bar to look for cards within the Dragon set.

You can search for cards within the Dragon set. Only cards from that set will return as result.

Search for the producer/manufacturer

If you want to find only Wizards of the Coast cards, you can either select that option in the sidebar, to go to the dedicated Wizards Overview page, or enter “Wizards” in the search bar. All cards produced by Wizards of the Coast will return in the results. This also works when using “Topps”, “Burger King”, “Danone” and of course “Nintendo”. Alternatively, you can also see Wizards of the Coast, Nintentdo, Topps, Danone or Burger King TCG cards see their specific overview page.

Enter Wizards or Topps and only cards from that manufacturer will return

Search for a type of card

You can also search for a type of card. whether it’s a “Sticker” you are looking for or a “Energy” card, just enter it in our search bar and you’ll get the results.

Search for any type of card, for example “puzzle” or “sticker”

Search for a specific artist

If you want to find all cards designed by Ken Sugimori, you can simply type his name in the search bar to find all cards made by him. Or, when on a specific set page, find all Ken Sugimori cards within that set.

If you want to see cards by a specific artist, you can enter her / his name.

Alternatively you can go to the Artist overview page, and search for any artist overthere to find all cards designed by that artist.

Search for a specific Color / Stage / Rarity / Type

If you know what kind of Pokemon card you are looking for, let’s say “water” or “Stage 1” or “Energy” you can simple enter those terms in the search bar to find the results.

Specify color and you will narrow down the results.

Combined Search

In most cases, you can use any combination to narrow down your search results. Look at the example below to find any Charizard of the Dragon type.

Combine words to get more specific results.

Or check this out to find all Fire type Pokemon of the second stage:

Search for example for a specific stage and a color.

You can use our search bar to search for almost anything!