TCG Price Guide

Have a look at the actual value of your Pokemon TCG cards. In this Price Guide, all official TCG cards from Wizard of the Coast and Nintendo have current price information. You can also have a look at our Topps, Danone or Burger King Pokemon cards Price Guide.

SetSymbolRelease dateTotal Value#
Base SetImage of Base Set1999-01-09985102
JungleImage of Jungle1999-06-16214064
FossilImage of Fossil1999-10-10210562
Base Set 2Image of Base Set 22000-02-24756130
Team RocketImage of Team Rocket2000-04-24262683
Legendary CollectionImage of Legendary Collection2002-05-249461110
Wizards Black Star PromosImage of Wizards Black Star Promos1999-07-01177053
Best of GameImage of Best of Game2000-12-0138317
Black & WhiteImage of Black & White2011-04-25322115
Plasma BlastImage of Plasma Blast2013-08-14926105
Legendary TreasuresImage of Legendary Treasures2013-11-08845140
Emerging PowersImage of Emerging Powers2011-08-3114998
Noble VictoriesImage of Noble Victories2011-11-16532102
Next DestiniesImage of Next Destinies2012-02-08970103
Dark ExplorersImage of Dark Explorers2012-05-091638111
Dragons ExaltedImage of Dragons Exalted2012-08-151102128
Boundaries CrossedImage of Boundaries Crossed2012-11-071588153
Plasma StormImage of Plasma Storm2013-02-061575138
Plasma FreezeImage of Plasma Freeze2013-05-081650122
Black & White PromosImage of Black & White Promos2011-04-251401101
CelebrationsImage of Celebrations2021-10-083025
Celebrations - Classic CollectionImage of Celebrations - Classic Collection2021-10-0815825
Call of LegendsImage of Call of Legends2011-02-091598106
Double CrisisImage of Double Crisis2015-03-2532834
Detective PikachuImage of Detective Pikachu2019-03-292418
Diamond & PearlImage of Diamond & Pearl2007-05-23774130
Mysterious TreasuresImage of Mysterious Treasures2007-08-22716124
Secret WondersImage of Secret Wonders2007-11-071187132
Great EncountersImage of Great Encounters2008-02-13760106
Majestic DawnImage of Majestic Dawn2008-05-211470100
Legends AwakenedImage of Legends Awakened2008-08-201280146
StormfrontImage of Stormfront2008-11-051211106
Diamond & Pearl PromosImage of Diamond & Pearl Promos2007-05-2370256
Dragon VaultImage of Dragon Vault2012-10-0512421
ExpeditionImage of Expedition2002-09-157399165
AquapolisImage of Aquapolis2003-01-159020182
SkyridgeImage of Skyridge2003-05-1210680182
Ruby & SapphireImage of Ruby & Sapphire2003-06-181291109
Unseen ForcesImage of Unseen Forces2005-08-225436145
Delta SpeciesImage of Delta Species2005-10-314662114
Legend MakerImage of Legend Maker2006-02-13260293
Holon PhantomsImage of Holon Phantoms2006-05-033509111
Crystal GuardiansImage of Crystal Guardians2006-08-302842100
Dragon FrontiersImage of Dragon Frontiers2006-11-084065101
Power KeepersImage of Power Keepers2007-02-142485108
SandstormImage of Sandstorm2003-09-171580100
DragonImage of Dragon2003-11-242287100
Team Magma vs Team AquaImage of Team Magma vs Team Aqua2004-03-15204897
Hidden LegendsImage of Hidden Legends2004-06-141560102
FireRed & LeafGreenImage of FireRed & LeafGreen2004-08-303697116
Team Rocket ReturnsImage of Team Rocket Returns2004-11-087061111
DeoxysImage of Deoxys2005-02-142322108
EmeraldImage of Emerald2005-05-092788107
Pokemon Futsal Promos 2020Image of Pokemon Futsal Promos 20202020-09-112675
GenerationsImage of Generations2016-02-22482117
Gym HeroesImage of Gym Heroes2000-08-143033132
Gym ChallengeImage of Gym Challenge2000-10-165011132
HeartGold & SoulSilverImage of HeartGold & SoulSilver2010-02-101619124
UnleashedImage of Unleashed2010-05-1287896
UndauntedImage of Undaunted2010-08-18107491
TriumphantImage of Triumphant2010-11-02757103
HeartGold & SoulSilver PromosImage of HeartGold & SoulSilver Promos2010-02-1031325
McDonald's Collection 2011Image of McDonald2011-06-052912
McDonald's Collection 2012Image of McDonald2012-08-135012
McDonald's Collection 2019Image of McDonald2019-07-049012
McDonald's Collection 2021Image of McDonald2021-06-184125
McDonald's Collection 2022Image of McDonald2022-09-29415
Neo GenesisImage of Neo Genesis2000-12-163940111
Neo DiscoveryImage of Neo Discovery2001-06-01341975
Neo RevelationImage of Neo Revelation2001-09-21515366
Neo DestinyImage of Neo Destiny2001-02-289537113
Nintendo Black Star PromosImage of Nintendo Black Star Promos2003-10-01109840
Pokemon GoImage of Pokemon Go2022-07-0122088
PlatinumImage of Platinum2009-02-11977133
Rising RivalsImage of Rising Rivals2009-05-201555120
Supreme VictorsImage of Supreme Victors2009-08-191665153
ArceusImage of Arceus2009-11-041030111
POP Series 1Image of POP Series 12004-09-0914917
POP Series 2Image of POP Series 22005-08-1219617
POP Series 3Image of POP Series 32006-03-0142117
POP Series 4Image of POP Series 42006-08-1398217
POP Series 5Image of POP Series 52007-03-0343217
POP Series 6Image of POP Series 62007-09-0914817
POP Series 7Image of POP Series 72008-03-0313417
POP Series 8Image of POP Series 82008-09-1710517
POP Series 9Image of POP Series 92009-03-078617
RumbleImage of Rumble2009-11-2062416
Southern IslandsImage of Southern Islands2001-07-3144218
Sun & MoonImage of Sun & Moon2017-02-03411170
Unbroken BondsImage of Unbroken Bonds2019-05-031446238
Unified MindsImage of Unified Minds2019-08-021572260
Hidden FatesImage of Hidden Fates2019-08-238269
Cosmic EclipseImage of Cosmic Eclipse2019-11-012364271
Guardians RisingImage of Guardians Rising2017-05-05544194
Burning ShadowsImage of Burning Shadows2017-08-04977192
Shining LegendsImage of Shining Legends2017-10-0644883
Crimson InvasionImage of Crimson Invasion2017-11-03283132
Ultra PrismImage of Ultra Prism2018-02-021367191
Forbidden LightImage of Forbidden Light2018-05-04656165
Celestial StormImage of Celestial Storm2018-08-03983200
Dragon MajestyImage of Dragon Majesty2018-09-0739888
Lost ThunderImage of Lost Thunder2018-11-021137241
Team UpImage of Team Up2019-02-012916199
Hidden Fates - Shiny VaultImage of Hidden Fates - Shiny Vault2019-08-23143594
Sun & Moon PromosImage of Sun & Moon Promos2017-02-031840247
Scarlet & VioletImage of Scarlet & Violet2023-03-30361258
Paldea EvolvedImage of Paldea Evolved2023-06-09787279
Obsidian FlamesImage of Obsidian Flames2023-08-11228230
151Image of 1512023-09-22795207
Paradox RiftImage of Paradox Rift2023-11-03711266
Paldean FatesImage of Paldean Fates2024-01-26972245
Temporal ForcesImage of Temporal Forces2024-03-22700218
Twilight MasqueradeImage of Twilight Masquerade2024-05-24242226
Scarlet & Violet PromosImage of Scarlet & Violet Promos2023-01-0699069
Sword & ShieldImage of Sword & Shield2020-02-07335216
Astral RadianceImage of Astral Radiance2022-05-27757216
Astral Radiance - Trainer GalleryImage of Astral Radiance - Trainer Gallery2022-05-2719230
Lost OriginImage of Lost Origin2022-09-09936217
Lost Origin - Trainer GalleryImage of Lost Origin - Trainer Gallery2022-09-0915930
Silver TempestImage of Silver Tempest2022-11-11561215
Crown ZenithImage of Crown Zenith2023-01-20133160
Crown Zenith - Galarian GalleryImage of Crown Zenith - Galarian Gallery2023-01-2076070
Silver Tempest - Trainer GalleryImage of Silver Tempest - Trainer Gallery2022-11-1114230
Rebel ClashImage of Rebel Clash2020-05-01382209
Darkness AblazeImage of Darkness Ablaze2020-08-14173201
Champion's PathImage of Champion2020-09-2539980
Vivid VoltageImage of Vivid Voltage2020-11-13320203
Shining FatesImage of Shining Fates2021-02-194273
Shining Fates - Shiny VaultImage of Shining Fates - Shiny Vault2021-02-19303122
Battle StylesImage of Battle Styles2021-03-19565183
Chilling ReignImage of Chilling Reign2021-06-181519233
Evolving SkiesImage of Evolving Skies2021-08-273767237
Fusion StrikeImage of Fusion Strike2021-11-121064284
Brilliant StarsImage of Brilliant Stars2022-02-25580186
Brilliant Stars - Trainer GalleryImage of Brilliant Stars - Trainer Gallery2022-02-2525930
Sword & Shield PromosImage of Sword & Shield Promos2020-02-072455307
Kalos Starter SetImage of Kalos Starter Set2013-11-087639
XYImage of XY2014-02-05393146
Fates CollideImage of Fates Collide2016-05-02257128
Steam SiegeImage of Steam Siege2016-08-03164116
EvolutionsImage of Evolutions2016-11-02392111
FlashfireImage of Flashfire2014-05-07977110
Furious FistsImage of Furious Fists2014-08-13374114
Phantom ForcesImage of Phantom Forces2014-11-05695124
Primal ClashImage of Primal Clash2015-02-04648164
Roaring SkiesImage of Roaring Skies2015-05-06455112
Ancient OriginsImage of Ancient Origins2015-08-12768101
BREAKthroughImage of BREAKthrough2015-11-04506165
BREAKpointImage of BREAKpoint2016-02-03350126
XY PromosImage of XY Promos2012-05-091897216