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Card text This Pokémon obviously prefers hot places. When it rains, steam is said to spout from the tip of its flaming tail. According to the Pokédex, a Charmander dies if its flame goes out. Charmander's fiery personality is sure to brighten up a cloudy day. In "Charmander - The Stray Pokémon," a Charmander is abandoned by an irresponsible trainer named Damion. Brock leads the group back into the forest to rescue it from a horrible rainstorm and attacking Spearows. Nurse Joy brings the resilient and eagerly excitable Pokémon back to health. Later, saving the group from an attack by Team Rocket, Charmander decides to abandon Damion and goes with his new friends. First appearance: Episode 11—"Charmander—The Stray Pokémon"

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CardsChrome series 1 has a total of 78 cards.
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Release This card was released on December 12, 2000 by Topps.
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