Don’t Cry, Togepi!

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Don't Cry, Togepi!
Card text When everybody rushes into the park, Pikachu, Squirtle, Psyduck and Bulbasaur are left with a crabby and extremely unhappy baby Togepi. The slightest peep out of anyone sets Togepi into fits of tears. Pikachu and Squirtle try to make Togepi laugh and smile by making silly faces and funny noises, but Togepi keeps on crying. Finally, Bulbasaur picks up Togepi in its vine whips and rocks it gently to sleep, singing a Pokémon lullaby.

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CardsThis Topps Trading Cards set has a number of 60 .
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Release 1999
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Movie title Pikachu's Vacation (1998)
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